'Lo! I'm Lucy Darby. Welcome to my website.


I’m a graphic designer currently working for an email marketing agency in Austin, TX. I worked as a marketing and graphics assistant for a local community college for over two years, while also managing freelance projects for local businesses on the side.

My background is in digital design, graphic communications and technical theatre design (costuming, lighting, set design, you name it).

I chose to populate my little corner of the internet with my findings and discoveries about design, technology, self-education and navigating my 20s. 

Fun Facts

My mother is a Cuban-American blogger with a fan following of 40k on Facebook and my father is an internet marketing guru. Video editing, digital photography, and website management are all part of my job description. Here are a couple of recipe videos I've created for her fan page, collecting over 2 million views in the past couple months.  


From event postcards advertising a new furniture boutique in San Clemente to vinyl banners for a community theatre in Costa Mesa or a mobile app for helping the homeless in Southern California, every design challenge is an opportunity for me to learn something new. I'm constantly seeking out new resources to improve my work. Event branding, alongside UX/UI design, are my strengths. 

Click the button below to view my design portfolio. 

If you want to know more about how I was able to succeed as a self-taught designer, hire me for freelance work or if you’d just like to chat, you can contact me by filling out the form below.

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