Case Study

Doctor Disability



For over 20 years, Doctor Disability has been the leading insurance broker on behalf of doctors, dentists, physicians, and medical specialists in need of disability insurance.


As the company began to rework their core messaging and adapt their marketing strategy to reach more clients online, they realized the website needed a much needed facelift and their logo was a challenge to adapt to other platforms, including social media.

Knowing the original logo design and website hadn’t been touched in nearly a decade, founder and CEO Chuck K. acknowledged the company’s visual identity didn’t align with their brand promise.

Original homepage layout and logo

Original homepage layout and logo

Through a series of interviews and questionnaires, we were able to focus on the key brand values that would need to be communicated in the final logo design.

My challenge was to develop a logo and brand identity that accomplished the following:

  • Reflect financial security and income protection

  • Eliminate visual confusion with medical institutions or practices

    • Some visitors would mistake the website for an actual doctor, rather than a disability insurance provider

  • Visually express transparency, honesty, and care


By focusing on the ideas of “security and protection,” merged together with a universally understood symbol for the medical industry, we were able to land on a concept that simply communicated what Doctor Disability stood for.

Logo Design

Logo Design

For the rest of the visual identity, I took visual inspiration from established financial and insurance institutions, such as Geico, Wells Fargo, Progressive, StateFarm, as well as modern banking apps, such as RobinHood and Acorn.

Custom iconography for website

Custom iconography for website

Armed with a new visual identity, we started updating business collateral. I redesigned the cover for one of the company’s most distributed resource (Resident and Fellow’s Guide to Disability Insurance), we generated Google display ads to direct customers to the new site, and, of course, I designed new business cards for Chuck.

Doctor Disability Business Cards.jpg
Cover Redesign for  Guide to Disability Insurance

Cover Redesign for Guide to Disability Insurance

We were able to launch a new-and-improved website, simplifying the user experience and focusing on the key benefits that Doctor Disability brought to their customers:

  1. Easy application process

  2. Personal customer service

  3. Peace of mind about their careers and their future

Responsive homepage design

Responsive homepage design

Full homepage Layout

Full homepage Layout

Brand Statement

Financial Protection and Peace of Mind.
Doctor Disability specializes in protecting the futures of doctors and physicians by providing income protection and financial security.

We are forward-thinking specialists for young doctors and physicians who want to protect their income, inspiring optimism and hope for their futures.

We are knowledgeable advocates for established doctors and physicians who want to protect their families, guaranteeing peace of mind and reassurance in the midst of any health crisis.

Experts recognize expertise, which is why we constantly advocate for the best policy for our clients to protect them from making costly mistakes.

Above everything else, we understand disability insurance better than anyone and when there’s a crisis, we’re here to help.