How To Write 10 Posts in 1 Week

I’m an obsessive person.

I will happily and intensely fixate on a new hobby for a compact period of time and then I move on to the next thing. This made me a delightful addition to every college classroom (#sarcasm), especially when I disappeared from roll call at the end of the semester because some new thing or new class was far more interesting than the thing I’d already been doing for the past four to five months.

So after reading article after article on the importance of updating your blog consistently...  for longer than two weeks… I began to fidget.

It’s not that I’m inconsistent.

I am just consistently moving on to the next thing.

But, because I’m not one to shy away from a good problem without coming up with at least one possible solution, I started brainstorming... 

"What if I did the fun part right now...  But, like, all of it."

Because I had just tried my hand at writing a short little article, the words-and-letters piece of my brain was hyped and ready to go. And I was determined to take advantage of that.

So I did a little bit of math.

If I only posted twice a week. Say, Monday and Friday. So 10 posts = 1 month of blogging content.

10 posts is nothing.

How To Write 10 Blog Posts in 1 Week


Brainstorming (the fun part)

  • Make your master list. Just a gigantic list of titles. List every project, every story, every single thing you’re interesting in exploring or writing about.
  • Sift through and categorize which posts you anticipate will be more intensive to publish (content heavy, necessary photography, etc.)
  • Write a sentence or a couple bullet points about each post. Just some guidelines for when you revisit the topic.

SITTING DOWN (Day 2 - 3)

WRITING THE POSTS (the sometimes fun, sometimes awful part)

  • Bullet points are your friend. List three or five of the most important points you'd like to make in your post. Whether you actually distinguish those points as bullets within the posts or just write about them naturally within the content is entirely up to you. 
  • Shoot for 500 - 1000 words. You can always cut down or bulk up later. Right now, you're just building the foundation. 
  • Set a timer for 15 minutes.
  • Just. Write.


FINISHING UP (the kill-me-now part)

  • Go into each post, bring back your inner critic and invite her to edit, edit, edit. 
  • Identify what you still need for each post: Custom graphics? Photography? Links to supporting articles? Take the time to find all that stuff or schedule the time when you can take those pictures and spend some quality time with Photoshop making those thumbnails. 


SCHEDULING (the panic part)

  • Find connections/patterns/themes in your topics and find ways to schedule similar posts according to their topic. 
  • Identify the prime time of day and the day of the week to post your content that best serves your brand and your schedule.
  • There are a billion productivity apps out there designed specifically for us time-challenged folk. > BLOGGING RESOURCES



TIP: 10 posts gets you through 1 month of bi-weekly blogging. No sweat. I schedule the heavier, educational-ese posts for Monday mornings (beginning of the work week) and the fluffy posts for Friday late afternoon (right at the start of a browsy weekend). 

Congratulations. You just wrote a month's worth of awesome blogging content in seven days. #treatyoself

*Challenge Mode: Double the content in the same amount of time. The reward? TWO months of blogging content.