5 Photography Apps I Love

Technology blows my mind.

Like, I know we take a ton of it for granted because we've been so saturated with new phones and apps and the "cloud" and everything in-between for a giant chunk of the past several years. But there are still times when my little pocket computer seriously impresses me when it comes to quality and output.

Especially when it comes to photography. 

I can't express what a time-saver this is. Except for my Sunday mornings, I rarely have the daylight hours during my work week spend time taking and editing my fancy DSLR pics.

So here's a roundup of my absolute must-have photo-editing apps for the san-laptop blogger, writer, photographer, journalist, etc.

Top 5 Photo-Editing Apps
  • Foodie App

True to its name, the Foodie app has a dozen food-centric filters with the sole aim of making your flat-lay downtown restaurant entrée look UH-MAZING. I don't know what it is about flat-lay photos or why food looks best when you can see all of it and from a bird-eye view... but the Foodie app has a built-in level feature that will turn green when you are directly above your meal.


Portland Breakfast Food Editing Apps
  • A Color Story

Recently launched by the dynamic sister duo over at A Beautiful Mess, this app is the Lightroom + Photoshop combo-pack equivalent for iPhoneography. The app focuses on brightening up the dark places and (as the name suggests) enhancing the crap out of the color in your smartphone photographs. I think the most unique feature of this app is the Curves editing option. Sarah Rhodes has an amazing tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess on how to use the Curves feature to its fullest potential. 

Photo Editing Apps
  • Layout (via Instagram)

Isn't it great when an app you love releases another app for the app you already love? Layout is the Instagram best-friend for creating multi-photo collages on your phone. The weekend I visited Portland happened to be the same weekend my boyfriend was in Miami. He sent me a photo of him putting his arm around a "Lucy-sized empty space." So I promptly opened up Layout, clicked on a pre-made frame and selected my photos.

Miami, FL • Portland, OR

Miami, FL • Portland, OR

  • VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam, again, has like a dozen filters. For me, they're a bit too moody and desaturated... but sometimes it's exactly what I'm looking for. A lot of the free filters focus on shadows and warm-vs-cool colors. My favorite of the free filters are C1 VIBRANT and KK1 KROCHET KIDS.

Stumptown Coffee VCSO Cam

So this app is incredibly useful for creating those cute little thumbnails you see on my sidebar for the blog when I'm riding on the train and don't have my laptop on me. Comes with some blank color backgrounds, dozens of actually-nice-and-usable fonts and text-on-photo capabilities. 

Phonto Photo Editing App

Some final iPhoneography tips:

  1. Always try to shoot in natural light
  2. Keep somewhat consistent with your filter choices
  3. Wipe off your camera lens before snapping a pic; pocket and finger smudges can blur the best moments.
  4. PLAY.