Cubanos con El Jefe

Lucy with sandwich

My little brother had an audition in LA yesterday. Which means it's a rock-paper-scissors-you-drive-him match between me and my mom. 

I lost. 

But lucky for us, Jon's audition was only 15 minutes away from another event:

El Jefe ad

For my thousands of readers (haha no) who have not yet seen the movie Chefstarring Jon Favreau (who also wrote, directed and produced), please treat yourself and head to your local movie theatre. 

I'd give you the synopsis, but there seems to be a theme among everyone who saw it including myself: 

"Never heard of it before I saw it." 

"I didn't even see the trailer. Was there a trailer?"

"Someone just told me it was amazing and I had to see it."

My mom coerced me and my sister to the theatre about a month ago and we sat in the dark (figuratively and literally) waiting for the film to begin. 

Charming, sentimental, hilarious, intelligent and holy-crap-the-food. 

So when you hear that the lead actor of your new favorite film is cooking the signature meal featured in aforementioned favorite film... 

You go. No excuses.


We stood in line for... awhile. After some neck-craning and inner-screaming, we briefly encountered El Jefe himself.

Jon Jon Lucy Not Looking

Jon and I agreed that even if they ran out of sandwiches... it was already worth it. 

Luckily for us, there were plenty to go around. We got one between us to split.

Sandwich Pile
Butter Guy

And a Materva. Can't have a Cubano without a Materva.

Materva  Close

There was, of course, that awkward moment when we mentally went through the list of ingredients that a true Cubano is comprised of. Ham, pork, cheese and... um.

"Lucy... I hate pickles.

"I can't stand mustard."

"What do we do?"

"...just try a few bites and we'll go to Del Taco or something if it's unbearable."

I'm such a fake Cuban. I put on a good accent and attitude when necessary and I'm an okay dancer.

But I DRAW THE LINE at mustard.

Jon Eating
Close Up With Materva

Okay so maybe mustard and pickles are actually kinda sorta really amazing...

As long as they're sandwiched together on a proper Cubano. Buen Provecho!