Step 1: Begin

That's the hardest part about blogging. The starting.

Or for life things in general, I guess. At least for me. It comes from a place of wanting the end result to be perfect.

Which will never happen. Scary, right?

Yeah. Terrifying.

Hi. I'm Lucy and I'm a perfectionist.

Here, have a photo of me in my natural habitat. Or my workplace. Or the desk in my bedroom. Whichever title you prefer.


I'll keep this short and sweet: I am truly-madly-deeply in love with my life.

I go on adventures with wonderful people, I make lots of things, I take pictures everyday, I read often (though never as often as I like), I sometimes dress up and I eat things. Mostly tasty things.

To nutshell a nutshell, I am a young, artistic, independent individual with a story to share.

So here I sit, at my desk, with my laptop open, writing a few words for you to enjoy.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Loop.

P.S. I'm super excited. Super. Excited.