My Little Corner

"Where there's life, there's a mess."

I live and breathe in a working mess. Especially lately. I'm working out of three different notebooks. Trying to keep track of my notes for future posts, projects and ideas is laughable.

Maybe one day I'll grow up and get good at that. For now, it's simply a system of "whatever piece of paper is closest to my writing hand gets this brain nugget."


But there's a certain kind of frantic charm in always returning to a desk covered in different pieces of inspiration. It's appealing and I try to maintain it. Books, magazines, laptop, phone, pens and post-it notes. The necessities.


The desk I found maybe... gosh, six or seven years ago on the sidewalk down the street with a FREE sign taped to the front. I fell in love with it. (Shoutout to my dad for hauling it up to my room. Thanks, man.)

I recently took down all my artwork from my walls for a major revamping. Thus explaining the bulletin board perched on my desk.

I have a generic, grey, paint-smudged work table that sits right behind my desk chair, in a prime position for swiveling from computer to sewing machine to computer.

^ Also, totally a bonus sneakpeek at my outdoor-summer-movie-theatre-beautifcation project. I smell a DIY coming soon... Whaaaat.

So there you have it! Creative space of a 19-year old female. Also, Pixar lamp? Totally nice touch and it just makes me happy. I keep my necklaces handy on my board because, well, I don't really have a place for them... yet.

On a final note I'd just like to say that I decoupaged that mirror when I was 15.

Still a fan.