Tea & Chocolate

"Measure twice, cut once."

It's 2011. A first-year student with an undeclared major and a penchant for the performing arts is bound to gravitate towards the theatre department. Which is exactly what happened.

Semester by semester, I wandered through almost every aspect of the theatre that was offered. Soon, the department hired me as a theatre aide. "Stagehand," is a better term, I 'spose.

But when I'm not working, I'm still just a community college student developing my skills. Whether it be in stagecraft, set construction, stage management, acting, lighting design, scene design...

...or costume design. 

This past week, I was called in to assist the costume designer for our upcoming show Fiddler on the Roof. Because I am (as far as anyone else cares to admit) currently the only student employee in the theatre who can sew.

Scarves, skirts, aprons, shirts, and prayer shawls became my life.


And I loved it.

Diane, the costume designer, is an avid learner and brilliant researcher. As we worked, she talked. I spent hours learning about art history, culture, literature, music, film... and sometimes it all related to the fashion of a little fictional Russian shtetl.


But mosttimes it was just wonderful, fascinating, unadulterated information.

This place became my best resource for inspiration and practical knowledge. I was constantly learning something new, whether it be the best place to buy organic tea, or the best online booksellers, or the most efficient way to sew on a button.


Sewing in a workshop/library, listening to jazz, surrounded by colorful fabrics was my job.

At around 3 o'clock everyday, Diane would make peach tea and offer me dark chocolate (which was never declined). She'd tell me stories about her adventures as a designer or she'd recommend her favorite books and I'd just sit quietly and listen, running a shawl or another apron through the machine, occasionally sipping on tea.


They shouldn't call it work if it's this much fun.

I hope my boss never reads this.

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