Summer Magic

Every summer, when the evenings get warmer and dinner is begging to be enjoyed outside, we take another look at our backyard. Thus far, we've hung twinkle lights, repainted the white wooden chairs, swept up the leaves from underneath the canopy...

But it could use a touch of something color. And that's where I stepped in.


Sewing machine

Colors were picked out, the sizes were decided. Armed with a cup of mango tea and a 30 year-old machine, I ironed, cut, and sewed them shut.

I paced the backyard barefoot with a giant roll of twine, vaguely measuring a solid length to string my flags onto. My dad had already installed metal poles to hang our bistro lights.

I stitched them to the twine so they wouldn't slide around.

Scampered up a ladder.

And hung them with care.


My mom came outside in the evening with her phone to "document the magic."

"It doesn't look too... circus-y, does it?"

"Nope. It's just right."