He Knows Me

"Monthiversaries are stupid."

I used to believe that.

I thought they were one, big, clichéd reason for two people to continuously celebrate an insignificant milestone.

Used to.

Then I found my beau. And we do that now. We acknowledge the 22nd of every month (as well as the days on either end of it) to commemorate our first weekend as "two peeps in a kickbutt relationship."

Once in awhile, I still think it's silly. With all the car singing, my bad jokes, his funny voices, our weird stories, our quirks... all we've done is not drive each other completely crazy for yet another 30 days. 

And maybe that's an accomplishment worth celebrating.

Regardless, it's a fabulous excuse to dress up and eat amazingly tasty food. And return to our favorite places. Or visit new places we haven't yet explored.

But I'll be the first to admit it's mainly for the food. ;-)

IMG_7392 IMG_7394IMG_7393



  1. Breakfast was provided the day before by the local farmer's market. Which consisted of a dozen free fruit samples and mini Nutella covered pancakes.
  2. The greatest burger ever was enjoyed after spending hours at one of my favorite beaches.
  3. The following morning was spent outside a little hidden coffee shop with a warm chai tea and fresh pastry.
  4. Dinnertime fast approaching: someone had made a reservation.

A day of wandering, people-watching, talking, exploring, eating... I got to do all my favorite things with my favorite person.

Yes, we had a wonderful time. We always do.

And yes, you too should go exploring with your favorite person.

...as long as good food is involved.

- - -