Not Exactly A Manifesto

But close enough, I suppose.

These past few days, I've had a lot of "grown-up problems" come rushing my way. Negotiating with the bank, feeling the weight of unemployment and the job-search that comes with it, and dealing with unwanted car problems (poor Buick).

Deep down, I know it's a rite of passage. Everyone's been there. And those problems don't go away. They get bigger and more complicated.

But I've done some soul-searching lately that might help and figure out what's most important to me, what I want my life to look like, and who I want my future-self to be.

I want to take pretty pictures to show how beautiful my life is. I want to write good stories that inspire. I want to eat amazing things and make memories with my wonderful people.

Future is a scary thing. I don't doubt that will always be the case.

But in the meantime, all I can do is breathe, keep calm and carry on.

I'm trying to make a habit of making art when I feel like this. So here. I offer you a messy little insight into my mind today, trying to look on the bright side.


1. Check.

2. A connection at a restaurant, an invitation to teach at a local studio, or the pursuit of a tutoring gig at my old high school.

3. Take a train to San Diego. Or Santa Barbara. Call up some friends in other states and buy a plane ticket. Go back to Portland. Go to other countries!

4. Never stop learning how to do things. Never stop reading, whether it be novels or entertaining articles or illustrated art books.

- - -

And thus begins another day, another weekend.

What's your little manifesto?