Fruits & Veggies & Hummus

Oh my.


So my older brother runs a little pancake booth at a couple of local farmers' markets. I've had to show up a few times for emergency morning coffee drop-offs and chalkboard sign edits. In return, I earn my free pancakes.


But ever since I started going, I've become fascinated... okay, a bit obsessed with market culture.

I'll usually wander around with a friend, my family or just my camera. In the past few months, I've learned:

  1. Never be afraid to take free samples. They're free.
  2. Talk to people! You'll make new friends (and make some bargains).
  3. Walk the entire market before you buy your fruits. Usually, there's 3 or 4 competetive vendors, depending on where you go.
  4. GO HUNGRY. Produce, flowers and fresh eats are only the beginning. Food trucks, popcorn, popsicles, and fresh tacos might be somewhere close by. ;-)


But even as pro as I've become at working and wandering the markets, I still get excited when there's a new one that comes into town. Saturday morning, me and my beau drove down to San Juan Capo to explore the 3-week old farmer's market.


Not gonna lie. Fruit is one of my major comfort foods. Especially when it's super fresh. And the signs are fun.

...also "pluot" is just really fun to say.


(I don't judge their spelling skills if the product is good.)


Along with some giant, ripe, perfect tomatos and a basket of figs, we walked away with a loaf of rustic bread, fresh pita bread, organic hummus, and a jar of homemade roasted red pepper salsa.


Wonderful date to go shopping for breakfast and lunch items, especially if you plan to eat them the day you get them! Dozens of meal options under a couple of white canopies.


After any farmer's market excursion, you must enjoy (pardon the pun) the fruits of your labors.

So we sliced our tomatoes, picked some basil from the garden, cut up some chunks of fresh mozzarella (purchased from our neighborhood meat house),  drizzled garlic avocado oil and balsamic vinegar, sprinkled some zesty lemon salamoia (purchased from the Laguna Hills farmer's market. Find Stella. Her product is to die for.) and voila!

An Orange County Caprese Salad. All fresh, all natural, totally delicious. With a side of warm fresh bread and some figs for dessert?

I think yes.