Months ago, when my older brother Adam first started the little pancake business, he brought over some large, flat, wooden... pieces (from a cabinet or old furniture or something, I really don't know).

He had roughly painted them the day before with chalkboard paint

His freshly written menu was already faded and his colorful chalk marks weren't quite making the bold impression he was looking for.

So, being the reliable little sister I am, he politely requested that I use my "inherent artsy-ness" and make them "pretty but not too pretty."

And he did say please.

Thus, like a phoenix from the ashes, his artboards were reborn.


I spent two hours with three different brands and sizes of chalk, a wet paper towel as an eraser and his iPad for font ideas. Dusty and tired, but fairly pleased, I delivered his signs to his blue canopy the next morning.

Months of bouncing around in the back of his pancake truck, the signs were demanding a bit of love and attention. I complied and was paid in ten little strawberry-covered pancakes.


He and Derek (his pirate pal for the day) kept hard at work as I refreshed his signs in the back by the truck. They danced and sang and took turns loudly advertising their product to potential customers.



I got there when the market opened and left when the fruit stands were packing up. But before I did, the Front Porch Pops vendor next to him asked for a business card with the e-mail of the chalk artist.

Not gonna lie. I did a little happy dance on the inside.

They also let me try a free gourmet popsicle. In which case, I offered to do their signs in exchange for similar treats. (In case you haven't noticed, I can be easily bought and persuaded with food. Especially if it involves sea salt caramel chocolate frozen goodness.)

Not that I'm anywhere near chalkboard menu art as it could be done...


But maybe with practice and enough pancakes, I could get there.


P.S. These breakfast-things aren't half bad. If you're in the neighborhood, you should check 'em out:

Wednesdays: Old Town Tustin Farmer's Market (9am - 1pm)

Fridays: Laguna Hills Mall Farmer's Market (9am - 1pm)