The Defining Decade | Dr. Meg Jay

A clinical psychologist issues a four-alarm call for the 50 million 20-somethings in America, “most of whom are living with a staggering, unprecedented amount of uncertainty.”


Maybe posting resources for my fellow 20-somethings wouldn't be such a bad idea...

I starting reading her book The Defining Decade on my lunch break during the summer intensive in LA. I finished it in San Diego lying on a beach during my much needed vacation.

It's always a weird relief to know that you are not alone in your loneliness or "lostness." I found this book to be mostly educational, inspiring and encouraging. Everything from career choices, relationship advice, and personal well-being to brain development and sociology were conversation starters, both negative and positive.

Her TED talk is basically a summary of the book...

But it's a darn good book for the floundering 20 year-old. Go get.

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