Saddleback Star Competition - Audition Notice

STAR Logo FinalSaddleback Star Competition Logo - Adobe Illustrator CS5

Of course she picked the logo that was my last-minute-throw-away-please-don't-pick-this-one design. I went to visit the Artist's Garage (my design mentor) and his response was "...isn't that always the case?"

Our session yesterday began with me showing him my pitiful black and white concept. He immediately pulled out some paper and colored pencils and began an hour lecture on compositional grids.


Like. The biggest cheat code there is in graphic design.

  • Everything has a relationship.
  • Choose what you want to say and what you want your audience to see. 
  • Play with composition FIRST when you start designing.
  • Use your grids.

Star Audition Notice Composition

Star Audition Notice

Saddleback Star Competition: Audition Notice - Adobe Photoshop CS5

P.S. She ended up asking that the logo be HUGE and replace the position of the star. I obliged... but I believe that things don't have to be big to be noticed. Which is why I posted the original design.

Star Audition Notice L Edited