Jazz Day - Poster

Jazz Day L Poster Draft 1 Jazz Day L Poster
Jazz Day - Adobe Photoshop CS5

- - -

First draft of the Jazz Day poster was sent in this morning. Received the following response from my graphics liaison:

Hi Lucy,

He doesn’t like the instruments.  He said if you just take them out and put in something more abstract, that would work fine. He likes Pollock.

Hope you can work your magic.


Aaaaaalrighty then. Time to rework some ideas.

I admit it though. The first draft is hardly my best work. I don't even think I've even done any of my best work yet.

And, of course, there's the second one I sent out later in the afternoon.

Proudly went a little nuts with the paintbrushes. Weoo. Jazz.

Thankfully, it was very well received. Scratch that off my list of things to do.