My First Fiverr Gig!

About a month ago, I finally signed up for Fiverr.

FIVERR screen


How it works: You offer a $5 service. Someone needs your service. They pay you. You deliver. Fiverr keeps a dollar. You keep four dollars. Next gig.

There's a bunch of artists and entrepreneurs using it to expand their audience and build a portfolio. My life coach has been encouraging me to start something. Just for fun and for practice.

So I signed up, uploaded a photo... 


*time passes*

... then I created a "for $5 I will create eye-catching event flyers" gig and hit the publish button. A few days later, I got my first order.

FIVERR countdown

I screamed. And danced around. And told my parents.

And I was totally not expecting a countdown.

I read through the graphics request as fast as I could, did the necessary research, wrote out the details and ideas...

I was able to press the DELIVER button after an hour.

Toastmasters Open House Flyer

Fiverr recommends creating a promotional video for your gig. That may be my next project.

So hey. 20-somethings looking to make extra money. Go sign up and offer something you're good at. You'd be surprised at what people are willing to pay for. No matter what you do, it's a good portfolio addition and the responsibility of producing something of quality on time is a really awesome skill to have.

And yeah, it's only $5 bucks...

But that's like a full meal at Del Taco, yo.

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