Mozart, Mendelssohn and More: Choir Concert - Poster

Mozart Mendelssohn L

Mozart, Mendelssohn and More: Choir Concert - Adobe Photoshop CS5

- - -

I want the large one up on my wall fo' sho'. I'm really, really, really happy with it.

Possibly in love.

I did this design in about three hours. I've always been looking for excuses to use stampy looking fonts. I thought this project was a good one to spend them on.

The music conductor of this particular event (who gets final say on the design) insisted on the following:

  • No music notes.
  • No sheet music.
  • No treble clef.
  • No fancy fonts.

All of these bullet points are traps that the graphics department usually fall for. Music means music. End of story.

Not necessarily. But I repeatedly am learning to catch myself before I sign up for the obvious.

"Make it hip and young and edgy and trendy."

So I gave them glasses.

I'm realizing more and more that "if I like it, they'll like it." I'm learning, slowly but surely, to stop apologizing for the good stuff I make.