Big Band Swing Thing - Thank You Board

Angels Thank You Board Final

Thank You Supporters Poster - Photoshop CS5

DISCLAIMER: I did not create the Big Band Artwork. Just the text/logo layout and execution. Saddleback Graphics Dept. is responsible for the former. ;-)

- - -

This Saturday, March 8th, is our biggest fundraiser of the year. The Angels for the Arts is the Fine Arts scholarship organization of Saddleback College. I was selected over the summer to participate as the student representative on the Board of Directors.

While on the Board, I'm supposed to be the voice of the students in the Fine Arts Department, coordinate student events, and encourage my peers to apply for the Angels scholarship.

Supposed to be.

I have a lot of ideas about how to reach out to the Saddleback Campus. Contacting the Associated Student Government to collaborate on raising scholarship awareness, keeping the faculty informed of my events so they can keep the Fine Arts website up to date, creating a Facebook page, a Twitter account, maintaining a blog (through, probably) of what's happening in each of the Music, Theatre, Cinema/Radio/Television, Arts departments (respectively), writing student profiles about the scholarship applicants and submitting them for publication to The Lariat (our on-campus newspaper)... and the list goes on.

I have only created a twitter account just last week (@TheStudentRep). Tweets: 0.

The Open Mic and the Costume Karaoke events were the only two events that were created in my name on behalf of the Angels for the Arts. After the poor outcome for both these events, the staff (who helped me to coordinate the darn thing) discouraged me from even using a microphone and a speaker system. So I wouldn't distract the current classes.

Because... at noon... that's where all the students are.

In classes.

Originally, I suggested a Rocky Horror Night in the black box theatre.

When that didn't fly, I suggested an evening event to showcase the music, theatre, art, dance, and cinema students (followed by an open mic). An artists' party. Complete with cheap pizzas.

Again, highly discouraged.

It's not that I'm pouting about how my ideas get shot down because of expenses, safety/noise issues, or doubt of attendance...

But it's hard for me to put motivated effort into something I feel won't be appreciated.

I feel like the college is stuck in a place and either refuses to move forward because "this is how it's always been," or they can't move forward because there's too much red tape and legal stuff that it's just not even worth the time.

Maybe I'm not seeing the full picture. After all, I'm just a student representative.

And only for another three months. Then I'll be passing off my baton to someone else.

Would it really be worth it to put all my talents into something I may or may not be cut out for in the first place?

Ah, the cliché joys of being 20 and feeling like nobody understands you.