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Whorehouse Poster L Version 2

Best Little Whorehouse In Texas poster - Adobe Photoshop CS5

Whorehouse Postcard

Whorehouse Postcard 2Best Little Whorehouse In Texas postcard - Adobe InDesign CS5.5

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It's times like these when I wish I had more time and resources to create exactly what I see in my brain.

Below are some thumbnail sketches I presented to the scene designer. Having never seen or heard of this musical before, I did some quick research. With a basic synopsis and some feedback from the director... these are the ideas I came up with:

   Whorehouse Thumbnail 2Whorehouse ThumbnailI was playing with the lipstick on the collar concept for a long time, but I didn't have the resources to make it look good and meet the deadline. Went with the neon concept instead. Again, with more time I may have been able to make it look more... neon-y.

But it gets the point across.

I'd love to take an advanced Adobe Suite class over the summer. I wonder if any of the local art schools are offering an intensive.

Might be a nice summer tradition!