Scholarship Invite

Scholarship Invite Final
Angels for the Arts Scholarship Reception invitation - Adobe Photoshop CS5

- - -

For two stock images and some text, it ain't shabby...

...but it ain't gorgeous neither. I do like how the text is laid out into a little pyramid composition. I thought it was a good solution in the face of how much text is on there. And if I'm being totally honest, I think that's the only thing I really really like about it. Shh.

The gal I job share with requested this invite. We're doing a big hurrah for the fine arts scholarship recipients on May 7th. Red carpet, paparazzi and everything. I'll be done working retail by then (thank goodness) so I actually get to attend.

Hashtag quick-n-dirty!

Below is the modified portrait version for the front of the cover...

Scholarship Program Cover