a good space for a workplace


I swear to God there is nobody on earth who actually lives in a perfect IKEA bedroom.

So I accidentally jumped on the whole "spring cleaning" bandwagon when I started going through my bookshelves. Filled up a donation box (yay for Goodwill) with books... and then clothes... and then weird little knick-knacks I kept for some reason...

The aftermath resulted in my desk being piled with camera gear, a broken wall clock (which I keep telling myself I'll fix but never will), some random papers (banking information, passport, etc.) and a big toolbox.

My work table looks just as wonderful. 

And instead of being proactive and dutifully finding a place for all the nonsense on my desk, I take my workstation to the only clean space in my little bedroom.

The floor.


I live in a mess

Tidying up has never been one of my strong suits. Or my weak suits. More of a casual jeans and t-shirt skill. As much as I would love a hipster little space with a DIY desk I built myself and a giant inspiration wall and hard-to-kill plants on the bookshelf and exposed brick and wood floors and all that jazz...

...my reality today is that I have a perfectly clean and flat space to work on our god-knows-how-old carpet. So I settle down and I read and research and scroll scroll scroll through Pinterest until my back starts to hurt.


Believe it or not, I actually have creative intentions for my blog (and my life, really). Big, scary, please-don't-laugh-at-me ideas. Which I write down in... I would say a neat little notebook, but I'd be lying.

I write them down on program inserts, those completely unnecsary lap mats from In-N-Out, paper menus and napkins. Which I then stuff into a master binder to decipher and clean up at a later date.

Messy binder

I'm trying to implement a vision here, people. Slowly and quietly and without much hurrah.

And I do most of it on the floor of my room.

Because I'm too lazy to clean off the surface of my desk.

- - -

P.S. You know those trendy little quotes you read and see all the time on tote bags and coffee cups and other gifty nonsense? It comes to a point where they seem to lose their power and pizazz. I wandered into World Market on my lunch break and saw this. And just stared at it for awhile.

Because, like, you know, it's so totally starting to make sense. Like for reals. Yo.