All In The Timing - Poster

All In The Timing XL

All in the Timing poster - Adobe Photoshop CS5

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The public relations officer put me in touch with the director of this show. Who gave me the following request:

I see a very dark poster that is dark all around but in the middle there is light that illuminates a three sided boxing ring with two couples inside the ring playing miniature golf and in the very back background of the whole frame is a mass of furniture, stacked on top of each other from floor to almost ceiling but it is very vague and whimsy at best.  (sort of 1776 only modern day – the stack of furniture.)

Easy, right?

I set my own record for how hard I procrastinated on this project. Because I'm a perfectionist, I have to know that I can do it perfectly or it won't get done at all.

But a deadline is a deadline. I sat myself down for 5+ hours and struggled with trying to get all the aspects of his poster into my design.



All In The Timing Roughs

But it just wasn't happening. I wasn't happy with how anything looked.

And then I found a sketched illustration of a windmill. I kept going back to that image after reading the synopsis of the play. Time passing, movement, slow, deliberate... and there's still a little hat tip to mini golf.

Still freaking out that it wasn't exactly what he wanted and I was failing him as a designer, I plugged away at my little antique poster.

I sent it off with the following note:

I discussed with Nina about the whole miniature golfing aspect of the design and we both agreed that it was too much to include within the design. I CAN incorporate the silhouette of a couple walking... or maybe a mini golf flag/hole in the corner...

I want the visual to be simple and striking and eye catching.

I want people to be intrigued.

So please let me know what edits I can make to the attachment (which is my interpretation after reading the play synopsis and your ideas and having Nina's input).

His response?

I love this poster.  Thank you so much, you are a wonderful designer.  Don’t change anything.