A German Requiem by Johannes Brahms - Poster

A German Requiem by Johannes Brahms - Poster - Adobe Photoshop CS5

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I don't know if ya'll recall my Mozart/Mendelssohn poster. The director/conductor wanted something "young, funky, and hip" so I gave him "hipster Mozart."

On a tight deadline, I didn't get any direction for this one... so I assumed he wanted the same concept. And I thought it would be kinda neat to make the choir concerts looking like they belonged in the same series of bespeckled dead composers.

Not so:

While I LOVE the quirkiness of this, the “hipster Brahms” doesn’t really speak to the seriousness and breadth of the work. I hate to be difficult (you know that). This has to have an “eternal” feel to it. Earthy. Massive.

So take two, with more weight and infiniteness:

Brahms 2


He loved it.

So it's going to print.

Another one off my list!