Godspell Concept

Godspell Concept 1

- - -

Urban. Sophisticated. Smart. Hipster. 

Album cover. 

And then: Banksy. Shepard Fairey. 

These were the buzz words from the Godspell concept meeting last week. As their unofficial in-house graphic designer, guess who has the pleasure of taking on this project?

Above is one of three concepts I've created for the director and set designer to look at. Hipster album cover and street art aren't exactly conflicting ideas... but they're two different cultures. I want the basis or the foundation artwork to be clean. 

Then maybe destroy (improve) it with some spraypaint or sticker logo or something. 

Godspell Concept 2

Concept two. Obviously heavily inspired by Banksy.  Godspell Concept 3This one just looks like a movie poster for a love story between modern-day Judas and Jesus. 

Which, hey, totally could've been the case. 

Yay sunday school!