Graduation Invitation & Poster Series




Back and Front

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Graduation Invitation (Front/Back) - Adobe Photoshop CS6 - Adobe InDesign CS6 - Photography by Lucy Darby

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Look at them, darnit. They're so grown up. 

My mom refuses to throw the standard black-and-white graduation party. So she asked me to do a Ferris-Bueller-inspired invitation and poster set as decor. 

Considering she lets me live in her house and eat most of her food, there was little protest on my part. 

A photoshoot and some editing later, our Costco prints were ordered. 

Grad Group Poster 2


Each of these peeps get their own poster. Which I think is a totally cool and unexpected grad gift.

Grad Jon Poster 4

What's great about photographing Jon, Nathan and Tori is that I've been shooting them for years. They're used to my camera in their faces and they need little encouragement to get them to play along.
Grad Nathan Poster 3

They had fun. I had fun. We all had fun. Grad Tori Poster 5

I realized during this project that I love... not working for other people. Yes, mom said "hey can you do this." and I said "yes." But being in charge of the photography and design and overall feel of each of the prints made me really quite happy. And I know it's not a very elaborate undertaking. 

All the same, it felt good. It's what I would want for my future as a designer and an artist.

Basically, to do good work that makes me happy. Period.