GIF Test

So I'm doing this thing next Saturday-Sunday. 

And I almost passed out when I got the e-mail. 

But I don't want to jinx it. 

To keep as vague as possible, I was asked to report on my proficiency in the Photoshop techniques listed below:

  • layers, including multiplying
  • image size vs. canvas size
  • creating new canvases and cropping
  • creating shapes and barreling images into shapes
  • effects on images, including color overlay and opacity
  • type
  • GIFs!
  • MASKS!
  • collage layouts and overlapping
  • liquify, clone tool, healing tool
  • levels
  • gradients
  • filters
  • actions

Effects, masks, layers are candy. I've been working on creating actions and freshening up my liquify skillz.

But GIFs? I've never made a gif before. 



Thanks, Google!