Cleopatra. Joan of Arc. Aphrodite.


I don't really have any comments regarding Labor Day. Barely crossed my mind today. This post isn't about that. I just have some thoughts and comments. Letters and words. Bits of RGB light gleaming from my screen to yours.

Allow me to talk about perspective.

Waiting for a ride in the famous Great Park Balloon, we sought out some shade near the misters and briefly walked on what I called "the pointless sidewalk."

A random and unnecessary cement path amidst the dying grass. Going nowhere towards nothing.

It wasn't until I was four-hundred feet in the air that my co-conspirator leaned over the side railing and said, "Well, North is that way."

I looked down at my pointless sidewalk. 

Clear and defined and deliberate. Mocking me, practically. 

Dead writers and geniuses worked so freaking hard to convey the importance of perspective and the fault of presumption to their descendents and admirers. 

But life lessons like to nestle comfortably within their namesake: Life.

(Thanks, Tal Bachman.)